Linked In reviews and Endorsements:Skilled Warranty Administrator

Jack Herring , Assistant Zone Manager, American Honda Motor Company, Inc. (business partner)

“Denise’s work at Curry Honda has shown her ability to work at a very high volume Metro Honda dealer and handle the many aspects of warranty administration.” April 15, 2013

 Rob Bolmon Service Manager at Willett Honda South

“Denise has kept my warranty schedule accurate and on time better than anyone ever has in the 14+ years I’ve been in this business. She’s absolutely GREAT at what she does and I’m thankful to have her.”
Service Category: Automotive
Year first hired: 2004
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jamie King Account Sales Representative

“Denise is a highly skilled warranty administrator with a superb track record of managing low, medium, and high volume stores. She is extremely efficient, very personable (a trait lacking in many warranty administrators), and she takes pride in keeping schedules clean and ensuring that the dealer receives every dollar that it is entitled to receive.”

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Many hours are spent sorting through many hundreds of documents to maintain a high score, high return, low reject, low cost per vin with maximum benefits. This can only be accomplished by a highly skilled, well trained Warranty Administrator. For more information on how your dealership can benefit from  the 15 years of hands on experience offered by Automotive Warranty Service contact Denise Eldridge Skilled Warranty Administrator


Received certificate of achievement for successfully completing the warranty claims administration training program for the job description of warranty administrator in 2004

Received awards for the bronze, silver, and gold levels for warranty administrator for both Honda and Acura

Received a perfect score for the following tests:  warranty repair order process, tracking and managing claims, submitting claims, coding repair orders and, quality warranty information claims

Denise Eldridge

Skilled Warranty Administrator